Mentoring: rekindling lost hope to the internally displaced youths in Nigeria

  • Agatha Ogechi Ogwo


As a multiethnic nation, the diverse composition of the Nigerian nation poses a big challenge to the coexistence of the citizens. As a result, intergroup relations in the country are characterized by intermittent bloody ethnic and inter communal conflicts which have led to large scale internal population displacement. Among the internally displaced population, the youths and the children are the worst hit; because often times, they had to discontinue schooling, the children automatically lose their childhood and the normal developmental circle. The females turn into prostitution and the males are often times used as political thugs. Most of them are generally very bitter and develop aggressive lifestyle. These negative life styles have led thousands of youths who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow to lose their lives. This is a dilemma and should be of great concern to the nation. This paper argues that there is an urgent need for the government , Psychologist and other stake holders to design an adequate mentoring programme, which will aid in the rehabilitation, empowerment and integration of the youths back in their communities to make more positive life choices and become great citizens.

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eISSN: 1117-1421