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Motivating factors influencing career decision of in school adolescent learners in Lagos State

Foluke Nike Bolu-Steve


This research focused on the motivating factors influencing career decision of in-school adolescent’s learners in Lagos State. The study adopted the descriptive survey method. The population included all secondary school learners in Ikorodu community of Lagos State. The researcher purposively selected this community because it serves as a good representative of other L.G.A's in Lagos State. Six schools were also randomly selected in the three main community of Ikorodu (1 Private school and 1 Public school). Also, fifty adolescent’s students (50) were picked from each of the six schools (50 from three private schools and 50 from three public schools) in Ikorodu, of Lagos state. As such, three hundred students participated in the study. The main questionnaire used for this study was tagged; Motivating Factors in Career Decision. This instrument was used in obtaining information from the respondents. The result of this study revealed that there was no significant difference in the motivating factors influencing career decision of in - school adolescent’s learners based on gender. Nevertheless, age, religion, gender, class and type of school were significant respectively. It was therefore recommended that the government employ more professional counsellors in secondary schools because information from the counsellor can help adolescents to appropriately make right decisions about their careers.

Keywords: Career Decision, Motivating Factors, Learners, Influence

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