The impact of workers training on the organizational performance of the staff of the ministry of labour and productivity, Port Harcourt

  • Chioma Joseph-Obi
  • Otuonye Nelson Arugu


This study examined the impact of workers training on organizational performance of the staff of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity Port Harcourt. A total of 148 samples were drawn from the population of the ministry’s staff. Out of the 148 pieces of questionnaire administered, 112 were returned upon which the data an alyses were based. The primary data collected through questionnaire responses were analyzed using the spearman correlation coefficient statistical techniques. Secondary data were obtained through the ministry training reports and budget statements. The fin dings showed that the Ministry has clearly defined human resource management policies. However, some employees are not aware of these packages and are not involved in the training programmes. The result also showed that staff training programmes were not frequent and when they are organized, the training plans are usually not strategic. The result from the correlation analysis suggested that there is a moderately strong relationship between workers training and organizational performances. Three hypotheses were developed to find out the impact of all the independent variables on the overall organizational performance. The hypotheses showed that all the variables have significant effects on organizational performance. The result showed that the level of training budget, quality of training, and the frequency of training all have positive effects on organizational performance. This simply means that these variables improved the overall organizational performance. The study recommended that the Ministry should consolidate on its training plans and policies to ensure greater in staff performance; organise frequent high quality training; update training on regular basis / budgets and programmes and encourage high performance work tradition. These would go a long way in ensuring improved organizational performance. Keywords: Training, development, employee performance, productivity, Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity.

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eISSN: 1117-1421