The psychological and physical burden of family care givers of patient with end-stage renal disease in a Tertiary Hospital in North West, Nigeria

  • H. Lawal
  • E.E. Anyebe
  • A. Isa
  • H.M. Abdulkareem
  • R. A. Salami


Kidney disease is one of the non-communicable diseases with significant global burden. Researchers have documented that both high and low income countries suffer a great deal of economic eat up by end stage renal disease. Also, families suffer a great deal of burden caring for their affected loved ones. Thus, this study aims at determining the psychological and physical burden of care givers of patient with end stage renal disease. Findings of the study is hoped to bring to limelight the burden experienced by caregivers in the study environment with possible interventions. A mixed method using census sampling and In-depth Interview was adopted for the study. Data was collected using ZBI adopted and modified instrument and indepth interview from 21 respondents. Data was analysed using simple frequency tables, percentages while interviews were transcribed, coded and thematically analyzed. Majority (76.2%) of the respondents are males within ages 31-40 years and are predominantly Muslims by faith. Majority (90.5%) suffers stress and fear (66.7%) psychologically and physically respondent suffer strained health (81.9%) and increased needs (71.4%) by their patients. Family caregivers suffer huge psychological and physical burden caring for their sick ones. It is recommended that psychological and physical support be provided for family care givers to reduce the burden they face.


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eISSN: 1117-1421