Experience above the Glass Ceiling: A Study Of Female Executives

  • C.O. Chovwen


The study examined the experience of female executives who have risen above the glass ceiling in male dominated work environment. A total of 230 male and female executive participated in the study. They had spent a minimum of five years in their present position, which allowed information from a wide range of organizational experience to be collected. Results indicated that female executives in such environments perceived they are not well recognized and as result they do not receive enough cooperation and support from colleagues. This perception is of low acceptance which has implication for the development of women the organisation and the nation in general. This situation calls for a reconstruction of practices and polices within and outside the work setting that could impinge on full expression of women's potentials.

(IFE PsychologIA: 2003 11 (1): 139-148)

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eISSN: 1117-1421