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Handing Over Of Schools To The Missions: A Survey Of Views From Selected Stakeholders In Education

JK Aboagye


The study focused on the current debate on the handing over of schools to the missions. Using a sample size comprising 233 teachers/headteachers, 50 circuit
supervisors, twelve District Directors and Circuit supervisors, twelve District Directors of education and six regional managers data was collected through questionnaire and interviews. Majority of the respondents (80%) were of the view that secularization of education in Ghana was not the best option and that missions / churches should be given a hand in school management. There were instances of personality clashes, role conflicts and lack of proper personal relationships between officers of the two managing units. It was recommended that regional, district, and local managers should be given proper job descriptions.

Ife PsychologIA Vol.12(1) 2004: 86-102
AJOL African Journals Online