Analysis of the behaviour of distance education students during examinations

  • W K Hordzi
Keywords: Examination, leakage, panic, cheating, promotion


A cross-section of distance learning students of the University of Education, Winneba were informally interviewed to find out their views on the importance of examinations, why some of them panic and make attempt of cheating during examinations and why some of them give false alarm about examination leakages. Views expressed by 7 invigilators and supervisors were also considered. The responses from the students showed that students are aware that examination results can be used for certification, for promotion, job placement and serve as feedback on students' performance. A point was made that it was important to assess students through examinations because the scores are very valuable in placing students in identifiable ability groups, provide permanent records of students' achievements and progress. Students claimed that they panic and make attempts of cheating during examinations due to fear for failing, inadequate preparations, to pass very well and to avoid disgrace from family members in case they did not do well. As to why they give false alarm about examination leakages they indicated that this was as a result of rumors they hear about leakages and they did not want to be cheated and because of the believe that some students always see the questions prior to the examination through all possible means including the internet. The views expressed by the invigilators were generally negative especially the one that negative behaviours of students during examinations will make people not to respect their certificates.

Keywords: Examination, leakage, panic, cheating, promotion

> IFI PsychologIA Vol. 27 2006: pp. 98-113

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eISSN: 1117-1421