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Sleep Hygiene In Nigerian Childen

GE Ofovwe, CE Ofovwe


Background: Sleep hygiene significantly affects quality of sleep in children. Poor sleep hygiene is associated with disorders of sleep which can produce significant cognitive and behavioural consequences in children. However, not much is known about sleep hygiene African children. This study therefore sought to evaluate sleep hygiene in school children in Benin City, Nigeria.
Design: This is a questionnaire based cross sectional study.
Subjects and Methods: Parents report on sleep hygiene was evaluated in School Children aged 2 – 12 years attending 3 schools in Benin City using the Children's Sleep Hygiene Scale. The total population mean was computed and subjects with means above the population mean were considered to have good sleep hygiene.
Results: One hundred and sixty-one children were evaluated. Forty-three (26.7%) were in kindergarten, 71 (44.1%) in primary while 47 (29.2%) were in junior secondary school class 1. The total mean score of the study population was 4.5. Eighty-four (51.9%) children had good sleep hygiene compared to 78 (48.1%) with poor sleep hygiene. Children with poor sleep hygiene had lower mean scores on the cognitive, bedtime and sleep stability subscales compared to those with good sleep hygiene.
Conclusion: The prevalence of poor sleep hygiene in this pioneering study is high. The potential for negative impact on these children is enormous particularly as it affects their cognitive development. Further study to evaluate the specific areas of disturbance of sleep in these children is recommended.

Keywords: Sleep, Hygiene, Children, Nigeria.

IFE PsychologIA Vol. 16 (2) 2008: pp. 113-119
AJOL African Journals Online