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Attitudes of street children to the network of support for them in Nigeria

JO Aransiola, AI Akinyemi


The study examined the emerging network of supports available to street children in Nigeria, focusing on such institutions as the government, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the Community and the street children themselves. The study employed both quantitative and qualitative research methods to collect and analyse the data. Study findings show that 'of' the street children are the major targets by the network of the support since children 'on' the street are still being supported by their families and the assistance received by these children of the street from their peers and homeless adults is preferred to assistance from other support providers. Hence, the children‘s ranking of the 'support providers' shows that the support provided by the homeless adults on the street is most preferred. This was followed by supports from community members while the Civil Society Organisations were ranked third and the NGOs were ranked fourth. The government agencies were least on this ranking scale. The study concluded that, despite the global shift from eradication of street children to providing support for them right on the streets, this paradigm shift has very weak roots in Nigeria as the homeless adults remain important role model for them on the street.
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