An evaluation of instructional strategies used in hiv/aids preventive education in Lagos Island Schools

  • AB Alhassan
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, HIV Infection, Epidemic, Instructional Strategies & Preventive Education


The article reports the findings of an investigation into the effects of eight HIV/AIDS instructional strategies on JSS and SSS Students’ knowledge, attitude and intentions about future sexual behaviour. Construct validity of the 12-item attitude scale was tested using factor analysis. Cronbach’s alpha was utilised to determine the internal reliability of the scale. The alpha level was 0.8. The responses were analysed using one-way analysis of variance. In addition, the analysis for dichotomous variable was essentially a t-test. Significance among groups was assessed using Turkey when variables were not dichotomous. The HIV/AIDS preventive education provided to students was very effective in increasing levels of knowledge, tolerant attitudes and healthy future behavioural intention of JSS and SSS Students in Lagos Island, Lagos State. In all cases, the post-treatment group had significantly higher knowledge; attitude and future intended sexual score than did other groups. In the light of the findings, appropriate suggestions were made to remedy the situation and implications for further research were generated.

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eISSN: 1117-1421