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The effect of colour on the perception of taste, quality and preference of fruit flavoured drinks

RJE Ndom
AO Elegbeleye
AO Ademoroti


The effect of colour conditioning on taste, quality and liking perception of fruit flavoured drinks was investigated in this study using a Between-Subjects Experimental Design. This study utilized twenty four (24) psychology students of Covenant University as participants. The colour of the fruit drink served as the independent variable while dependent variables such as taste, quality and liking perception were measured.
Six research hypotheses were stated and tested. The results indicated that there was no significant difference in the association of colour with taste based on gender (t =. 29, p>0.05). Colour was observed to have a significant effect on taste and quality perception (t=2.10, p<0.05) and (t=3.0, p<0.05) respectively. Relationships between colour and the
three dependent variables were observed. There was a negative but not significant relationship between colour and taste perception as well as colour and liking perception, while a positive but not significant relationship was observed between colour and quality perception. A significant positive relationship between quality and liking perception was observed (r=.63,
p<0.01). From the findings, it was concluded that colour has an effect on taste and quality perceptions although the result seemed inconclusive concerning the effect of colour on how much participants liked the
drink. It is therefore recommended that food designers put into  consideration the colour of food products as it would have an effect on consumers. decision making and buying behaviour.