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Social-Support, Self-Esteem and Depression as Determinants of Quality of Life among Sickle Cell Patients

HO Imhonde, RJE Ndom, A Ehon


This study examined the influence of social support, self-esteem and depression on the quality of life among sickle cell patients in Benin City. A total of 52 sickle cell patients made up of 29 males and 23 females participated in the study. Questionnaire was used in collecting data. The questionnaire consisted of the demographic variables, as well as Quality of Life, Depression, Self-esteem, and Social Support scales. Results of the simple multiple regression analysis revealed a significant joint influence of self-esteem, social support and depression [R2= 0.32F (7.527);p<.001] on the quality of life among sickle cell patients [ă =0.39;t =3.28; p<.05] . The independent contributions showed that Social-support was found to significantly contribute greatly to quality of life,[ă=-0.374; t=-3.057; p<.05]. Also depression contributed significantly inversely to quality of life among sicklecell patients. However, self-esteem was not found to independently contribute significantly to quality of life, among sickle cell patients [ă=0.25; t=0.204; p>.05} . The findings have implication for understanding quality of life among sickle cell patients. Again, the findings are useful for the development of intervention that will enhance social support and self –efficacy among sickle cell patient as well as decrease their negative mood.

Keywords: Depression, Self-esteem, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Quality of Life, Adaptation

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