Counselling From The Christian Point of View

  • AO Falaye


This paper provides evidence that the presuppositions of the person who develops and practices counselling directly determine his theory and methods. It is the view of this author that Christian Counselling combines modern methods of counselling with Scriptural principles, using Biblical Truths as the reference point for integration. The mind, soul and body become the essence of counseling as the integration of this tripartite nature of a counselee is the focal point of the Christian counselor. The perception of a more rewarding here-after reinforces behaviour change and behaviour modification in the counseling process. The premise is that God is very concerned about the way the client thinks, and refers to the  importance of “renewing the mind” in scripture. Likewise, a counsellor often attempts to “renew the mind” in therapy through the appropriate use of techniques and interventions. Humanistic, existentialist and other therapeutic approaches underline Christian counsellimg. Thus, it is critical that the Christian counseling interaction is with a counsellor who is a “like-minded” bearing in mind that the client’s mind is very often the subject of the change process in counselling.

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eISSN: 1117-1421