Psychotherapy: Unity In Diversity

  • CE Ofovwe


Psychotherapy refers to the use of psychological principles by professionals to bring about a relief of distress as well as an enhancement of well being in individuals. Psychotherapy has different theoretical approaches namely, Psychoanalytic / Psychodynamic, Cognitivebehavioural, Interpersonal or systemic, Existential or gestalt perspectives as well as several African originated therapies such as Ebigbo’s Harmony restoration therapy and Awaritefe’s Meseron Therapy. While some psychotherapies are archeological in nature; exploring the unconscious for meaning for the conscious, others are active and problem focused, some are uncovering while some supportive, some uphold existential principles while some are empirically driven, the list seems endless. Despite these seemingly different theoretical backgrounds and approach to treatment, research findings indicate that all forms of psychotherapy are equally effective. This position is aptly captured by Rosen “Dodo Bird Verdict” which states that all have done well and deserve to win. A salient implication of this verdict is that no therapy is superior to the other. Additionally all forms of  psychotherapies are reported to share common factors which serve as the most important ingredient in the achievement of positive outcomes. Thus as it pertains to psychotherapy there can be and there is indeed unity in diversity.

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eISSN: 1117-1421