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Information seeking behaviour of pregnant women in selected hospitals of Ibadan Metropolis

Uloma Doris Onuoha
Adedotun Adekunle Amuda


This study sought to ascertain the information seeking behaviour of pregnant women in selected hospitals of Ibadan Metropolis. The study adopted the survey design. The study's population encompassed of 1900 pregnant women in selected hospitals. Proportional random sampling technique was used to draw samples from each hospital. A questionnaire was used for data collection. Data was analyzed using the frequency distribution and percentage counts. Findings revealed that information on environmental cleanliness and immunization were mostly needed by the respondents. Doctors and nurses were also identified as the most available and utilized sources of health information. Libraries were, however, found to be the least available and utilized source of health information. Challenges facing information seeking were attributed mainly to libraries, lack of income and time. The study concludes by noting that the availability, access to, and utilization of health information would translate to a safe delivery thereby reducing maternal mortality and recommends that government provides libraries and free medical care to encourage women to seek health information, among others.

Keywords: Health information; Information seeking behaviour; Maternal mortality; Pregnancy; Pregnant women