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Access to, use and challenges of ICTs in secondary schools in Tanzania: a study of selected secondary schools in Morogoro Municipality

Andrew A. Malekani


This study was conducted to establish current status of ICTs in terms of access, use and challenges of ICTs in selected secondary schools in Morogoro municipality. The study was a cross section survey and used self administered questionnaires that were given to teachers and students in selected schools. This was supplemented by observations and secondary data review. 20 teachers and 60 students were involved in the study. The findings indicated that the status of ICTs is not good in secondary schools. Though students and teachers seem to be aware of ICTs, but the schools have no enough facilities for ICTs and the facilities available are not adequately utilized. Moreover, the teachers reported that they have no in-service training related to ICTs in teaching and learning. It was also reported that low band width (resulting into poor internet connectivity or slow speed), lack of standby power, and lack of a policy and training schedule hindered the utilization of ICTs in the selected schools. It is recommended that to effectively introduce and efficiently utilize these emerging technologies, remedies should be made to overcome the stated challenges.

Keywords: ICTs, Improved learning, secondary schools, Morogoro