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Theft, Mutilation and Abuse of Library and Information Materials by Undergraduate of University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Omoike Adenike
Alabi Raliat


The study investigates theft, mutilation and abuse of library and information materials by undergraduate students of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Survey research method was adopted for the study; undergraduates’ students in 100 level - 500 level were selected for this study.  Questionnaire are the main instrument for data collection. Data collected were analyzed using frequency, tables and percentages. The results reveal that financial constraint (85.7%), selfishness on the part of students (80.9%) and high demand of books (75.2%) among others were the major causes of theft and mutilation of library materials. Also, findings revealed that selfishness on the part of students (80.9%), inadequate number of library materials (71.4%) and fear that one may not find the material at the next visit (61.9%) were the major causes of abuse of library materials. The findings also revealed that the means through which library materials are being stolen are by putting it in their handbags (80.9%),  confusing/diverting the attention of people at the circulation desk (70.5%) and tearing of page(s) off etcetera. The findings further reveal that monitoring the attitude of people in the library and mounting of cameras in the library (94.3%), having qualified staff (92.4%) and good library orientation exercise (88.6%) among others were the major methods library adopt to prevent information resources from theft, mutilation and abuse. The study recommended that library management should implement a strong policy in the library such that users who are caught in the act of theft, mutilation and abuse of library materials will be expelled from the University.

Keywords: Theft, Mutilation, Abuse Academic Libraries, Library Materials