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Implementation of KOHA Integrated Library Management System in Wollega University Main Library, Nekemte, Ethiopia

K Niranjana
Tolessa Desta
Vijaya Kumar Vijaya Kumar


KOHA is widely used library automation software in the world and it has the provisions for all library operation. This paper appraised the implementation of Koha in Wollega University Library and went further to enumerate and discuss the challenges faced in the implementation of Koha and provided solutions to some of the challenges faced. This paper aims to elaborate the method of installation of koha, steps towards data migration from Excel to KOHA and upgrading process of KOHA version from 17.05 to 19.05.05. This is a descriptive paper of a case study conducted at Wollega University, Nekemte. The paper identifies several issues concerning data migration within a local scenario and elaborates how koha software installed and customised for university needs. The lesson learnt and the experience gained would stand to implement a similar kind of system at various places.

Keywords: Library Automation, KOHA, Data Migration, Koha Customization