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Awareness of Information and Communication Technology-Based Information Resources in Library User Education Programmes in Colleges of Education in Southern Nigeria

Vera Ngozi Okonoko
Ufuoma Eruvwe


The study investigated awareness of information and communication technology-based information resources in library user education programmes in South-South Nigeria. Three research questions and one hypothesis guided the study. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study comprised of 1022 respondents which consist of 62 staff and 960 library users. The instrument for data collection was questionnaire of a four-point rating scale and observation checklist. Tools used for data analysis of research questions were frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation; t-test was used to test the null hypothesis at selected probability of 0.05 level significance. The findings revealed that more than half of the listed ICT-based resources were available in the six colleges of education libraries under study. The study also shows that the respondents had high awareness on these items. It was deduced from the findings that the method used to a high extent for awareness of ICT-based resources for user education programmes in colleges of education libraries was conferences. The study recommended among others, that, colleges of education authorities should embark on capacity building programmes in terms of training and re-training of librarians on ICT awareness.

Keywords: Awareness, Information Resources, User education, ICT