Exploring the Solar Window Film: the Making of Landscape Compositions

  • ME Enenajor
Keywords: Tint, Medium Two-dimension, Colour, Materials


Art as a creative Endeavour has experienced diverse usage of media; Styles and Forms. These media are so manipulated for artistic expressions in two dimensional (2D), and in three dimensional (3D) art forms. This paper will address exploring an alternative material as a medium in executing artistic expressions in 2D. The Solar Window film is a 2ply celluloid clear and coloured material used for tinting solid plain surfaced glass(especially for car window glasses) for either decoration as in personal vehicles or as obscurity as in Ambulance vehicles against public viewing. This paper also emphasizes that its use is limited to only flat colour rendering. This is more restrictive compared with the flexible uses in flat or full colour half tone rendering of artistic expression in 2D common with other mediums like pencil, water-colour, Acrylic, Oil paint etc. A composition shall be referred as case study. In this paper the Solar window film will be termed as “tint” and are in many colours and their tones.

Keywords: Tint, Medium Two-dimension, Colour, Materials.


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