Supra-National Organisations and Conflict Resolution during the Nigeria Civil War: A Historical Review

  • JO Akinbi
Keywords: Supra-national Organisations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Civil War.


Supra-national Organisations like the United Nations Organisation, Organisation of African Unity now called African Union (AU) and Commonwealth of Nations are inter-state governmental organisations or part of the non-state actors that impinge on the international environment. More importantly, due to the various crises that plagued the world ranging from civil wars to border clashes etc., the importance or roles of Supra-national organisations in conflict resolution through mediatory diplomacy or otherwise cannot be over-emphasised. This is especially geared towards making the World a Haven of Peace where nations and people could dwell together and interact meaningfully among themselves. It is against the above background, that a historical analysis will be made on the roles of these organisations in conflict resolution during the Nigerian Civil War. Frantic efforts were made by these bodies especially the O.A.U. and Commonwealth of Nations towards the peaceful resolution of the conflict. But unfortunately, all these efforts ended up in failure. A lot of factors could be adduced for this development. The most important of which was the internal contradiction or incapacitation entrenched in the provision of their charter as regards the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of member States. This made it difficult for such organisations to deal realistically with crisis situation such as the Nigerian civil war apart from resorting to the diplomacy of persuasion. Finally, some recommendations are proffered on how Supra-national organisations can make more  meaningful impact on conflict resolution and reconciliation in the  international environment.

Key Words: Supra-national Organisations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Civil War.


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