Abolition of Trial by Ordeal at Eni-Lake, Uzere, Delta State of Nigeria, 1903: A Reconsideration

  • FE Oghi
Keywords: Abolition, Trial by ordeal, Uzere, and Re-consideration


The imposition of British Colonial rule in Isokoland affected the political and social values of the people. One of such area drastically affected was Uzere where trials at Eni-Lake had become popular even before the coming of the British. The British misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of the workings and psychological impact of traditional beliefs seemed to have influenced colonial attitude to the people.s cultural practices. Available colonial documents were analyzed relating to the discussion on the trials at the Eni-Lake, Uzerre brought to the area. However, the position of this study is that from the findings got from oral, written and archival sources, it could be suggested that the abolition of the Eni-Lake trials in 1903 was hastingly done. The fear of witchcraft and its related evils is still extant. Its abolition therefore, could be argued to have benefited British economic interest than any other reason(s).

Key words: Abolition, Trial by ordeal, Uzere, and Re-consideration.


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