Christianity, Polygyny and Homosexuality in Nigeria: A Theopeotics Culture of Acceptance and Rejection

  • P E Nmah


This study, a descriptive survey research, presents the concepts of plural marriage and homosexuality in Nigerian context. Polygyny in Africa is regarded as a veritable sexual ethics devoid of adultery or concubinage, but an instrument for social status and economic strength. Homosexuality is a forbidden sexual ethics in African societies, and is seen as genocide targeted at exterminating a tribe or human race. Polygamy and homosexuality which are the crux of this paper could be seen from African Christian spirituality. As we rationally explore other cultures, and borrow according to genuine needs to reinforce ours, this paper recommends that we Africans must have the courage to affirm our cultural heritage, without any indulgence in cultural anachronism and without any morbid and hollow guest for irrelevant cultural authenticity either. We should be proud of our sexual ethics. The method of approach is descriptive with the review of relevant literature.

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eISSN: 2227-5452
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