Application of Management Policies in the Processing of Member Claims in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF): A Case of Nakuru Branch, Kenya

  • S W Mwangi
  • I O Ochieng’
  • F O Aila
  • S N Jeremiah
Keywords: Management policies, member claims, NSSF, Nakuru Branch


This paper reports a study that examined application of management policies in the processing of member claims in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Nakuru Branch. The specific studies objectives include to identify management policies applied by the NSSF in processing members‟ claims and to characterize claims processing. Primary data was collected from NSSF staff and retirees using structured questionnaires. The survey involved 40 NSSF employees and 30 NSSF retirees within Nakuru Municipality. Descriptive and inferential statistics (Factor analysis) was used to analyze data using SPSS for Windows and findings presented in frequency tables, graphs and pie charts. The study found a significant proportion of the respondents (NSSF staff) were generally familiar with the concept of management policy applied by NSSF. Secondly, management policies applied by NSSF included: customer service and corporate imaging (.727), change management (.605), human resource capacity development (.581) and products positioning, marketing and research (.437), information and communication technology (.225). The study recommends strengthening of the management policies identified to have been applied to a lesser extent such as information and communication technology, human resource capacity development and change management.

Keywords: Management policies; member claims; NSSF; Nakuru Branch


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eISSN: 2227-5452
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