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Christianity and Antagonistic Challenges in Igbo Land of Nigeria: A Reflection

PE Nmah


This paper assessed the challenges of antagonism among Igbo Christians. The problem is not planting Christianity in Igboland, but the method of which depended basically on denominationalism characterized by envy, hatred, jealousy, wickedness and covetousness by which the missionaries carried out their evangelism. This in turn had adverse effect on the moral and spiritual growth of the church in the midst of the people they described as the mundane (Ekechi, 1971). The antagonism was often within and without the denominations. The church mission society (CMS) along side the Royal Niger Company was working hand in hand against Roman Catholic interests whose aim is to win the confidence of the people by establishing agricultural settlements, hospitals and vocational schools. At times the rivalry was among the personalities in the same denomination (Nmah, 2008).

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