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Human and Institutional Capacity Building: Missing Link to Research and Development in Nigeria

EF Ejedafiru


Capacity building is the process by which individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and society develop their abilities individually or collectively, to perform functions, solve problems, set and achieve expected objectives. In this paper, the author reviewed the trend in human and institutional  capacity building in Nigeria. The recent intense race by developing countries of the world, Nigeria being one of them, to establish themselves as  significant players in the global economic and political arena call for the  urgent need to build effective and efficient human and institutional capacity which will create an enabling environment for research and development. However, the roles of the university in human and institutional development and the rationale for institutional capacity were also discussed. Conclusively, there was a reflection on the importance of sustained human and economic development that the university system provides and the need to foster quality in our institutions. Nigeria, therefore, Nigeria must march resolutely forward on this road since this is one of the pathways to achieving our goal of being one of the leading  economies by 2020.

Key Words: Human, Institutional, Resources, Capacity, Research and