Ethnic Minorities and the Nigerian State

  • MR Rindap
  • IMA Mari
Keywords: Ethno-minority, Nigerian state, power, marginalisation, development


The ethnic-minority relationship is a universal issue in all multi-ethnic societies. In Nigeria, the issue started with the amalgamation of the colony, that is, southern and northern protectorates by Sir Lord Frederick Lugard in 1914. The out- cry has always been the marginalisation of the minorities by the majorities especially in terms of economic and political opportunities. However, in the course of history, some of these fears were allayed by epochal political developments such as the creation of states and local government areas out of the three (3) regional structure of the country which had hitherto entrenched the lopsided nature of the relationship between the two groups and heightened stiffed competition for power and meagre economic resources. Despite the devolution of power and restructuring of the Nigerian state; the problems of the minorities is yet to be tackled adequately. However, the researchers proffered some recommendations to the problems; and it is hoped that it would in no small measure make Nigeria a peaceful and developed nation in future.

Key words: Ethno-minority, Nigerian state, power, marginalisation, development


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eISSN: 2227-5452
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