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Aspect of Intergroup Relations in 21st Century Nigeria: Emblem of Ethnicity, Religious Fundamentalism and National Security Crisis 2000-2014

DO Egbefo


This paper is on the aspects of intergroup relations in 21st century Nigeria: Emblem of Ethnicity, Religious Fundamentalism and National Security Crisis, 2000-2014. The objective of the paper is to contribute to some existing literature on the state of intergroup relations in Nigeria. Besides, it would provoke further researchers on the subject because the Nigeria state is presently experiencing disintegrating challenges. It is already known by scholars that some contending issues and challenges have not encouraged intergroup relations in 21st century Nigeria but without their examining that of ethnicity, religious fundamentalism and national security threats as addressed in this paper using the available primary and secondary sources discussed in subthemes narration common to histories. With the triumphant entry of democratic rule and its gradual consolidation in this century Nigerians approached this development within a renewal of hope that inter-group contacts of the divergent ethnic nationalities started in the pre-colonial period would be consolidated before now. But the nation-state is yet trapped in woes of ethnicity, religious extremism and national security crisis thereby, aiding the reasons why meaningful inter-ethnic/group relations are eluding Nigeria.

Key words: Intergroup Relations, 21st Century, Ethnicity, Religious Fundamentalism, National Security, Crisis

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