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An Examination of Brenhoma Cultural Heritage in Asare Konadu’s A Woman In Her Prime

Patience Onyinyechi Nnaji
Johnson Ojeka Ebibi
Vera Anap Aaron


Literature is an important field of study in which the learner develops taste for good writing, expression, creativity and the likes. The learner also develops ability to read independently through literature. His outlook to life is broadened by the study of literature as he is exposed to the philosophies and experiences of different authors and to different cultures. One of the goals of the teaching of literature in English according to Uwaifo (1979) is to help students appreciate their own culture and those of others. Uwaifo’s view succinctly captures the essence of this paper which examines Brenhoma cultural heritage exposed by Asare Konadu in A woman in Her Prime. The paper specifically beams its searchlight on Brenhoma cultural heritage paying particular attention to their sacrifices, omen, purifications, beliefs and funeral rites among others. The study aims to heighten the reader’s consciousness that literature is not only an instrument that provides insights about life but also mirrors the society in its entirety.