Art, Symbol and Royalty: A Case Study of the Yoruba Speakers in Nigeria

  • Morenike Folabalogun
Keywords: Ade, Are, Oba, Oduduwa, and Ooni, art, regalia, beed


This paper set out to examine the relationship and importance of Art, Symbol and Royalty amongst the Yoruba speakers in Nigeria. While studies have been done in different areas of this topic, yet this area remains unattended to despite its importance in art history. The aim of this paper is to bring awareness and fill the existing gap. The methodology of research employed is qualitative, through observation, non-observation, intrinsic/contextual analyses. Yoruba culture follows the general patterns of traditions in African societies. The traditional leaders are seen and reverenced as intermediaries to God; the Yoruba traditional heads are custodians of history, religion, tradition, myths, norms and values. Their subjects see them as deities; to wade off the ills within individuals and communities at large. The paper revealed that art; symbol and royalty are inextricably tied together. The unknown artists are still the machines that create the art, symbol and royalty traditionally, amongst the Yoruba speakers.

Key Word: Ade, Are, Oba, Oduduwa, and Ooni, art, regalia, beed