Philosophy as a veritable tool for peace-building

  • Basil Sunday Nnamdi
  • Arinze Agbanusi


In many parts of the world today, it is conflict, conflict and conflict. They include interracial, interregional, interreligious, international, intertribal, interstate, intercommunity, interfamily and interpersonal conflicts. The magnitude of some of these conflicts raises serious concerns about human existence in the globe. Besides, it is of common knowledge that there cannot be real socio-economic development in the midst of conflict. Now, in this situation, what contribution can a discipline like Philosophy boast of as having contributed to peace development in the world? What can the discipline, Philosophy, contribute to peace development in the world? This question is necessitated by the fact that Philosophy prides itself as a discipline which is predominantly concerned with trying to solve fundamental problems about human existence. Using the hermeneutic method, this paper introduced the discipline, Philosophy, presenting it as a veritable tool for the achievement of peace, the absence of which is inimical to human progress.