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The Son of Man and His Mission to Save in Luke 19:10: An Interpretation

Christopher Naseri


The expression ‘Son of Man’ is one of the most used titles by Jesus in the Gospels. Its meaning and Jesus’ intention for using the title to describe his mission in Luke 19:10 constitute the basis for this study. Using the Historical-Critical Method of studying ancient texts, this work explores instances in the Gospels where the term is used in relation to Jesus. It identifies a common pattern, attempts an explanation of the meaning of the term in relation to Jesus and uses that understanding to interpret the passage and give a concluding statement on the importance of the title in the light of Jesus’ mission to save. It concludes that the term ‘Son of Man’ in Luke 19:10 is used to denote Jesus as an eschatological agent who in human form achieves divine salvation through human suffering.

Key Words: Luke, Messiah, Salvation, Son of Man, Tax Collectors

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