International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Short Communication: Enhancing the Quality and Activity of Sundried Crude Papain using Preservatives

COO Kabuo, JC Osueke, CN Ubbaonu, NO Kabuo


Effects of application of benzoic acid, sodium benzoate and sodium metabisulfite, prior to sun drying of papaya latex, on enzymic activity, colour appearance and smell of the crude papain produced were investigated. The preservatives improved appearance/colour, smell and enzymic activity with respect to control sample (no preservatives and oven dried). Treatment with 0.1% (w/w) sodium metabisufite gave the best result; benzoic acid at 0.1% improved colour/appearance of sun dried crude papain better than sodium benzoate but sodium benzoate gave greater activity enhancement. Milk clotting activity of control (sundried with nil preservative) was 4.3 cm, that of sample treated with 0.1% sodium benzoate was slightly higher (4.4cm) while those of oven dried sample (nil preservative) and 0.1% sodium metabisulfite treated sun dried sample were equal (4.5cm).

Int. J. Agric. Rural Dev., 2003, 4: 120-123
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