The influence of cropping systems on the population and build up of pigeonpea insect pests at vegetative phase

  • SA Dialoke
  • MI Ezueh


The influence of different intercrops comprising pigeonpea +yam, pigeonpea + cassava, pigeonpea + cocoyam, pigeonpea + maize and pigeonpea sole on the vegetative damage by insect pests was studied on pigeonpea plants at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka during 2002 and 2003 cropping year. Monitoring of insect population at vegetative phase comprised five (5) intercrops laid down using Randomized Complete Block Design in four replications. Damage on the vegetative parts was done by rating scale. Result from the studies showed that pigeonpea in inter-crops involving cassava and maize recorded low vegetative damage while inter-crops involving yam, cocoyam and sole crops had moderate damage. Generally, insect population counts were found statistically significant at 5% probability level. Maize and cassava inter-crops recorded the lowest population counts and highest on pigeonpea + cocoyam, pigeonpea + yam and pigeonpea sole crops. However, the population of grasshoppers were significantly higher in pigeonpea sole crops. Followed by pigeonpea + cassava inter-crops. The population of beetles were found not significant though there were higher number of leafbeetles in sole pigeonpea compared to other inter-crops.

International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development Vol. 7(2) 2006: 15-19

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eISSN: 1595-9716