International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Effect Of Compost Manure Age On Root-Gall Nematode Disease And Yield Of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Stenocarpa)

C M Agu


The effect of compost manure age on root-gall nematode disease and African yam bean yield was studied. The experiment was carried out in a Randomized Complete Block Design with four replications. Organic materials composted for 0,30,60, and 90 days and applied at 25tons ha-1 were used to treat African yam bean plants exposed to root-gall nematode (Meloidogyne incognita). Results showed that compost manure at 30 and 60 days old significantly reduced root-gall nematode disease on African yam bean. At 90 days old, only rare root galls occurred. Yield characteristics of the crop increased as the disease severity decreased at longer compost manure age.

Keywords: African yam bean, compost manure, disease severity, root-gall, yield.

> International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development Vol. 9 2007: pp. 40-42
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