Antibiogram profile of pathogens isolated from processed cow meat from Ekpoma and Irrua metropolis, Edo state, Nigeria.

  • H. A. Obiazi
  • O.E. Dic-Ijiewere
  • G.I. Okwu
  • I. C. Idehen
  • F.U. Ogbebor
Keywords: Abattoirs, Bos taurus, Pathogenic bacteria, Antibiotics, Resistance


This study determined the extent of bacterial contamination of cow meat processed and sold in Ekpoma and Irrua abattoirs in Edo State, Nigeria, and their antibiotic susceptibility patterns. One hundred and twenty (120) samples comprising 40 samples each, from blood, table surfaces and processed row meat, were collected from the sampled abattoirs and analyzed using standard bacteriological procedures. The results showed that 60 samples, representing 50% prevalence, were positive for different bacteria species, but the table surface samples were the most contaminated. The comparative difference in rates of contamination, were observed to be statistically significant (p<0.05). Of note, is the fact that the bacteria specie - Bacillus cereus (31; 51.7%), accounted for most of the bacteria isolate, while the antibiotic resistance tests revealed varied, but interesting susceptibility patterns. Our findings does highlight the fact that there exist obvious vehicles for pathogenic bacteria proliferation within our abattoirs, and hence, the need for caution.

Key words: Abattoirs, Bos taurus, Pathogenic bacteria, Antibiotics, Resistance


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eISSN: 2384-681X
print ISSN: 2315-5388