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Distal tibiofibular synostosis in a Nigerian: A case report

O Owoeye
OS Oyedun


Tibiofibular synostosis (TFS) is a rare cause of recurrent anterior shin pain encountered in sport injuries following the ossification of the tibiofibular membrane. Awareness of distal TFS prevents misinterpretation of X-rays and enables efficient management of individuals with post traumatic TFS. Following maceration of a dissected male cadaver, we came across a tibia and fibula with 29.09 x 11.83 x 22.28 mm ossified distal tibiofibular membrane. The ossified membrane had a 26.16 mm long, inferomedially directed groove on its posterior surface. X-ray of the bones showed an oblique fracture in the distal end of the shaft of fibula which is suggestive of post traumatic tibiofibular synostosis (TFS). Knowledge of distal TFS is important in resolving the puzzle of chronic shin pain of unknown origin and in accurate diagnosis of causes of ankle deformity and malformations.

Keywords: Tibiofibular synostosis, post-traumatic ossification, chronic shin pain.