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Anti-yeast activity of extracts and fractions from <i>Uvariodendron calophyllum</i> (Annonaceae)

Elisabeth Zeuko’o Menkem
Rufin Marie Toghueo Kouipou
Cedric Derick Jiatsa Mbouna
Paul Toukam Djouonzo
Thierry Ngouana Kammalac
Patrick Valere Tsouh Fokou
Fabrice Fekam Boyom


The resistance to available antifungals highlights the urgent need for innovative drugs to treat yeasts infections. This study aimed at evaluating the activity of extracts and fractions from Uvariodendron calophyllum against pathogenic yeasts. The ethanolic and aqueous extracts obtained by maceration were liquidliquid- partitioned using organic solvents and screened against isolates of Candida albicans, Candida glabrataCandida parapsilosis, Cryptococcus neoformans and Candida albicans reference strains NR-29445, NR-29444, NR-29451, and NR-29450 from BEI Resources using the broth micro-dilution method. Time kill kinetic, inhibition of germ-tube, filamentation and chlamydosporulation, and biofilm formation were assessed using the best sub-fraction. Overall, the most interesting sub-fraction (FS: 237–253) showed an MIC value of 0.0625 mg/mL with cidal effect against C. albicans NR-29450 and NR-29445 at 0.25 mg/mL after 12-16 hours and 24 hours respectively. Moderate inhibitory effects were observed at 0.25 mg/mL against germ-tube formation, filamentation and chlamydosporulation of all C. albicans strains. Also, very moderate inhibition of biofilm formation by C. albicans NR-29450 at 0.25 mg/mL was obtained. The results obtained support U. calophyllum as a potential source of compounds with anti-yeast activity. Further studies will confirm its potential as source of anti-yeast drugs.

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Keywords: Uvariodendron calophyllum, anti-yeasts activity, time kill kinetics, biofilm