Taste profile and consumer preference of “dawadawa” produced from the seeds of Parkia biglobosa, Glycine max and Hibiscus sabdariffa

  • A. Adamu Shahidah
  • A.A. Farouq
  • M.A. Magashi
  • A.D. Ibrahim
Keywords: Dawadawa, taste, sweet amino acids, fermented condiments, G. Max.


Proteolytic process is a key step that influence taste profile of African  condiments. This process involves the degradation of protein to yield free amino acids. Very few studies have made effort to determined how the amino acid taste profile influence the consumer preference of the  condiments. The aims of this research is to analyse taste profile and  consumer preference of “dawadawa‟‟ produced by the fermentation of seeds of P. biglobosa, G. max and H. sabdariffa to determine whether key taste characteristics influence consumer preference of the condiments. The analysis of amino acid of “dawadawa” produced from the seeds of locust beans (Parkia biglobosa), soya beans (Glycine max) and roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) was conducted to understand how the fermenting organisms ferment these unusual legumes seeds during condiment production and the role the organisms play in improving the free amino acids, flavour and consumer preferences for the condiments. The amino acid content was analysed using amino acid analyser and the sensorial analysis was performed using the Hedonic scale. Bitter taste profile was high in the condiment produced from P. biglobosa and G. max, followed by monosodium glutamate-like (MSG-like) and sweet taste in the respective condiments. The latter two seem to play greater role on the final taste profile of the condiment while higher concentration of MSG-like taste was observed in the locally produced condiments from the three seeds compared with the laboratory produced condiments. The laboratory prepared “dawadawa” from P. biglobosa and H. sabdariffa seeds was the most preferred than that prepared from the seeds of G. max. “Dawadawa” if properly developed have a strong potential of improving the nutritional status of the rural population and provide income to rural masses.

Keywords: Dawadawa, taste, sweet amino acids, fermented condiments, G. Max.


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eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631