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Maradi red goat sexual cycle: descriptive and progesteronomic study

Karimou Harouna Boureima
Adoulkarim Issa Ibrahim
Mamman Mani
H. Arichatou


In order to establish the cyclicity characteristics of the Maradi red goat for the selection program, two experimental protocols were implemented separately at the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Niamey (Niger). The first included 8 multiparous females and aimed to characterize the plasma progesterone concentration during the sexual cycle. The second including 31 females (multiparous and young) focused on analyzing manifestation of sexual activity and determining averages durations of estrus and sexual cycle. Blood
samplings and heat controls were conducted. It appeared that young female puberty occurs at 46 to 56% of adult goat weight and the onset and end of heats are widely detected in the morning (65%). Throughout the year, sexual activity is lower in dry and hot season and higher in rainy and dry and cold season. The averages lengths of estrus and sexual cycle are 43.27±26.54 hours and 23.16±16.68 days. These parameters vary, (p = 5%) between type of females for the length of sexual cycle with a high proportion of abnormal cycles (31.61% short and 28.57% long). progesterone profiles showed the same trend. Concentration is lower at estrus period (0.29±0.12 ng/ml), it rises from the 4th day to reach a peak of 6±1.6 ng/ml between the 13th and 16th day of the cycle.

Keywords: Durations, Cycle, Estrus, Progesterone, Evolution, Maradi Red goats

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eISSN: 1997-342X
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