Relationships between blood lead, blood pressure, serum cholesterol and body mass index of non-occupationally exposed males, residents of Abeokuta, Nigeria

  • IM Adekunle
  • JN Osuagwu
  • OO Babalola
  • TA Arowolo
  • OO Odukoya


Study examined the associations between blood – Pb, serum cholesterol, diastolic and, systolic blood pressures, hematocrit, body weight, age and body mass index in 528 study subjects comprising 50% cigarette smoking and 50% non-smoking male residents of Abeokuta, Nigeria, aged from 15 to 80 years. Blood Pb was measured using atomic absorption spectrophotometer and the other variables were determined using standard procedures. Generally, interwoven relationships between all the parameters were established. Cigarette smoking appeared to be an additional source of Pb intake as the mean value for smokers (42 ± 12 μg/dl) exceeded that for non-smokers (34 ± 11 μg/dl) by approximately 24%. Blood Pb related positively to systolic blood pressure of non-smokers (r = + 0.138) and diastolic blood pressure for smokers (r = + 0.129) at p<0.05. It also associated significantly with serum cholesterol for non-smokers (r = + 0.114) and body mass index for non–smoker (r = + 0.110) at p≤0.10. Systolic blood pressure related to age for both smokers (r = +0.272) and non–smokers (r = + 0.182) at p≤0.05. Results suggest that non-occupational exposure to Pb in Nigeria is related to plasma lipid profiles and blood pressure, which are risk factors to hypertension.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631