Inhibition of dehydrogenase activity in bacterial isolates from palm wine by extracts of Vernonia amygdalina

  • HO Njoku
  • CO Akujobi
  • JN Ogbulie


Inhibition of dehydrogenase activity of bacterial isolates from palm wine by leaf extracts of Vernonia amygdalina was investigated. The cultures were exposed to extract concentrations of 0-2500 μg/ml in a nutrient broth-glucose-TTC medium. The responses of the bacterial strains varied with extract concentration. In all the isolates, dehydrogenase activities were progressively inhibited with increasing concentration of extract. The IC50 ranges from 83.27 ± 4.9 to 736.82 ± 13.6 μg/ml. Total inhibitory concentrations for E. coli, Lactobacillus and Streptococcus species were 1984.93 ± 16.5, 2102.82 ± 22.8 and 2476.79 ± 27.7 μg/ml respectively. The total inhibitory concentrations of the remaining isolates (Staphylococcus, Micrococcus and Bacillus species) were beyond the extract concentrations used. The findings may be of clinical relevance and further substantiates the traditional use of extracts of Vernonia amygdalina to control microbial load and foaming in palm wine.
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Keywords: Vernonia amygdalina, dehydrogenase activity, palm wine, Elaeis guineensis Raphia hookeri, Raphia vinetera.


eISSN: 1997-342X