Occurrence of finfish communities in trawl hauls of Atlantic Ocean in Badagry coast, Nigeria

  • EF Myade
  • MO Oyebanji
  • EO Oluwajoba
  • AB Williams
  • BC Mbawuike
  • N Ajuonu
  • GW Olakunle
  • OO Adegbile
  • AY Gadzekpo
  • MU Umunnakwe
  • MA Abass


Thirteen trawl hauls were conducted at depths ranging from 10 m – 100 m. Fifty six finfish families were observed, comprising ninety seven species from eighty two genera. Ten commercially important finfish families were identified out of which the Haemulidae had the highest number of occurrence and distribution with catch per unit area (CPUA) of 36.17 Kg/Km2. The Carangidae with CPUA of 22.09 Kg/Km2 was the lowest in abundance and distribution of the important finfish families. The total biomass estimate of finfish
from the entire survey area under investigation was 440 tons (t). The middle stratum, S2 (30 m – 70 m) had the highest biomass followed by the land adjoining stratum, S1 (10 m -30 m) and the least stratum biomass was
obtained from the farthest stratum, S3 (70 m – 100 m). Fishing is optimized in the middle stratum, S2.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631