A new chemical form of essential oil of Hyssopus officinalis L. (Lamiaceae) from Nigeria

  • IA Ogunwande
  • G Flamini
  • OO Alese
  • PL Cioni
  • Al Ogundajo
  • WN Setzer


Essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation from the air-dried leaves of Hyssopus officinalis L. (Lamiaceae) collected in Ajangbadi area, West of Lagos, Nigeria, was analyzed comprehensively for its constituents by means of gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The monoterpene hydrocarbons, á-pinene (70.9%) and â-pinene (10.9%) are the dominant constituents of the oil of H. officinalis. A cluster analysis was performed for comparison and characterization of H. officinalis essential oil from Nigeria with other oils reported in the literature from different locations across the world, and reveals chemical variation in this species with at least 8 different chemotypes. The compositional pattern of Nigerian oil sample was being reported for the first time and represents another chemotype of the oil of H. officinalis.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631