Effects of Aluminium–Magnesium Silicate on Newcastle Disease Virus and on recovery of infected chicks

  • MCO Ezeibe
  • O Ijabo
  • C Uzopuo
  • ON Okoroafor
  • JI Eze
  • IJ Mbuko
  • ME Sanda
  • PC Animoke
  • AA Ngene


Effect of a synthetic Aluminium – Magnesium Silicate (AMS) on Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) was tested. Equal amounts, of the AMS and of NDV, on a volume to weight (v/w) basis, were incubated for one hour at room temperature, and then centrifuged. The supernatant was tested for NDV titre. Portions of a virulent NDV were similarly incubated with the AMS, and their supernatants tested for morbidity rates on infected chicks. Also, two groups of chicks were infected with virulent NDV intramuscularly (I/m), and by introduction of infected chicks, respectively. Their subgroups were treated by administering AMS through drinking water, to assess its effect on mortality. Incubating NDV with AMS, reduced the viral titre from mean HA, 613 ±86 to 4. 5 ±0.72 (P < 0.05). Also, incubating virulent NDV with the AMS, reduced its morbidity rate from 100% to 20% (P< 0.05) when incubated once, and from 100% to zero, when incubated twice. NDV- infected chicks treated with AMS, had same 100% mortality as the controls, when route of infection was I/m (P > 0.05) but when infection was by introduction of infected chicks, mortality reduced from 20% to zero (P < 0.05).These results suggest AMS as NDV’s antiviral agent.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631