Evaluation of some cellular immune index in HIV infected participants

  • M Ifeanyichukwu
  • CC Onyenekwe
  • PU Ele
  • NK Ukibe
  • SC Meludu
  • MC Ezeani
  • CC Ezechukwu
  • GI Amilo
  • PU Umeanaeto


The study was designed to evaluate some cellular immune index of HIV infected participants. 80 HIV infected participants aged between 15 - 65 were recruited for the study. 45 of these participants were classified
as Symptomatic HIV (Stage 11), while the remaining 35 were Asymptomatic HIV (Stage 1). Similarly, 40 HIV seronegative participants served as Control. Blood samples collected from the participants were used for HIV screening and confirmation, CD4+ T cell count, absolute lymphocyte count and percent lymphocyte transformation. The CD4+T cell count and percent Lymphocyte Transformation count were significantly lowered in HIV infected participants compared with the HIV seronegative participants (p<0.05 in each case).
Symptomatic HIV seropositive participants also presented with lowered CD4 and percent lymphocyte transformation, compared with the asymptomatic HIV participants (p<0.05 in each case). The lowered CD4+T cell count suggests possible destruction of cellular immune cells (mainly Th1 cells). While the lowered percent blast formation in HIV infection indicates functional derangement of the cellular immune cells. Meanwhile no significant difference was observed in absolute lymphocyte count among the symptomatic, asymptomatic and control participants (p> 0.05).

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1997-342X
print ISSN: 1991-8631