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Primary Health Care in Nigeria: Strategies and constraints in implemntation

I Alenoghena
AO Aigbiremolen
C Abejegah
E Eboreime


The Alma Ata declaration on Primary Health Care (PHC) which was made in 1978 is meant to address the main health problems in communities by providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. Nigeria
was among the 134 signatories to this invaluable idea. Subsequently,  several re-organization of the Nigeria health structure to align with the new vision were made. The implementation of PHC, primarily through services provided at the primary health centres, vary based on the type of PHC facility in Nigeria. Several other PHC services within the health precinct include community mobilization, service integration and selected PHC programmes under the auspices of international collaborators. This review therefore, looks at the strategic trends and constraints in the implementation of PHC in Nigeria since the Alma Ata declaration.

Key Words: Primary Health Care, Strategies for implementation, Constraints, Alma Ata Declaration, Nigeria.