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Effect of aqueous extract of alligator pepper (Zingiberacea aframomum melegueta) on litter size of alloxan induced diabetic Sprague Dawley rats

E. Ehiagwina, U. Inegbenebor


This  study  was  done  to  find  out  if  aqueous  extract  of  alligator  pepper  can  prevent  the  development  of  fetal  macrosomia in type 1 diabetic pregnant rats. Eighteen female Sprague Dawley rats were randomly allocated into  three groups A, B and C (n=6 each).Type 1 diabetes mellitus was induced in the rats in groups B and C. Seventeen  female rats, which met the criteria for inclusion, were mated with 17 male rats in separate cages.  Thereafter, the  pregnant female rats were placed in separate maternity cages and fed with growers mash and water ad libitum.  On  day 4 of gestation, the rats in groups A and B were given an intra-peritoneal injection of 13.3ml/Kg body weight of  distilled  water,  while  the  rats  in  group  C  were  given  an  intra-peritoneal  injection  of  13.3mg/Kg  body  weight  of  aqueous extract of alligator pepper. There was a non-significant increase in the weight of litters from non-treated  diabetic rats in group B (p > 0.05) and a significant decrease in the weight of litters of treated diabetic pregnant rats  in group C (p < 0.05). It was concluded that alligator pepper significantly reduces litter size in pregnant Sprague  Dawley rats with type 1 diabetic mellitus.

Key words: Effect, Alligator Pepper, Litter Size, Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Sprague Dawley Rats

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