Leadership ethics and the challenges of employees’ performance in the Nigerian public sector

  • OU Opara
Keywords: Challenges, Leadership, Ethics, Employees. Performance, Public Sector.


The intensity of today.s concern about leadership ethics and the challenges of employees. performance have pointed out by recent happenings both in public and private sectors. There are poor applications of leadership ethical values which have created corruptive social cognition, prolong industrial actions, unilateral decision-making in governance, and alienation of  workers thereby generating many ethical problems at work place. The observation is that, most corporate organization management have failed to view ethics as an overall human concern and not considering ethical questions as important in all areas of life such as work place, personal,  politics and governance. Leadership ethics has become a primary challenge in managing the labour force as well as other resources in such a way that organization objectives of survival, growth and profit making will be met. On the synergy between leadership ethics and employees. performance, the paper will engage in critical appraisal on the use of ethical values in  organization management. The necessity on leadership to implement an ethical structure will shape employees. behaviour at work place. The paper discusses how leaders can apply ethical values in a direction suitable for  strategies and performance outcomes. Strategies are given in terms of  recommendations such as the need for moral approach in organization  management, recognition of human relation theory and liberal democratic pattern of management among others.

Keywords: Challenges, Leadership, Ethics, Employees. Performance, Public Sector.


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