Gender equality mainstreaming: Implications for poverty reduction and sustainable development in Abia State of Nigeria

  • EA Ugwueje
Keywords: Gender Equality Mainstreaming, Poverty Reduction, Sustainable Development


Gender mainstreaming is a process to achieve greater gender equality and reduce the marginalization of women. Unequal gender relations distribute the burden of poverty disproportionately on women. This probably  perpetuates poverty among women and girls. There is an urgent need to address the unequal relations both as a cause and intensification of  poverty. Empowerment of women when pursued beyond mere rhetoric and instrumentation, it will improve their wellbeing, self esteem, resource  allocation, political voice and increased productivity generally. The objective of this paper is to critically assess the extent to which gender has been  mainstreamed into the development programmes, making women and  men needs, concerns and experiences an integral part of the design,  implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes. To do this, the paper adopted the descriptive method to evaluate the  problems of gender inequality and prospects of engendering to realize development objectives. The paper observed that the prevalence of  harmful and discriminatory gender-based cultural practices acts as casual factors to worsening poverty situations; that gender inequality causes and perpetuates poverty and vulnerability, especially for women; that greater gender equality can help to reduce poverty and vulnerability and contribute to pro-poor growth. The paper concludes that gender equality when  mainstreamed into local situations, women.s and men.s needs, concerns and experiences will become an integral part of the design,   implementation, monitoring and evaluation of poverty reduction  programmes in all social and economic spheres so that women and men benefit equally and inequality is not perpetuated .

Keywords: Gender Equality Mainstreaming, Poverty Reduction, Sustainable Development.


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